Personally, I’ve always enjoyed exploring the world through touch and feel. It’s always excited to touch something that, according to your feeling, shouldn’t be touched. For example, it’s not a very smart move to put your hand inside a hole full of venomous spiders. Yet.. these actions do result in a highly intense experience. When you take that step, the world rewards you with a lifelong memory of that moment. Same thing with museums. I want to touch and feel all the interesting stuff behind the glass!  : (

Why this research project?

So what if we could make virtual experiences that reward the effort of the players by physically interacting back? Games usually let players do all the work and letting them give input. All the player gets back is some score, a part of a story, a ‘good job’ or any other virtual reward. What if the game could reward your effort, by taking a step towards you. With all the current game systems, the players are getting closer to the virtual stories. With Phirtual, moments in these virtual stories will step into our physical world to immerse us in amazing new ways.

What is this research about?